International spitting survey


To help prepare and orientate me for my visits, but also to help me compare spitting worldwide, please fill in this brief (approx. 6-7 minutes) survey on spitting experiences.

After filling it in it would be great if you could Tweet the survey link or email to friends, colleagues and family? Thanks.


One thought on “International spitting survey

  1. Selwyn Stanley

    Hello Ross,
    All the best for your travels. The sign posted on your blog is in Hindi and can be seen commonly in India. It just says ‘Don’t spit’ ..without saying that it is unhygienic etc. One of the questions in the survey was about this and this option may need to be added as a response. In Mumbai, if you have not already made contact, you could get in touch with the Tatar Institute of Social Sciences. One of their PG students in Social Work or Sociology would be willing to assist.
    Bon Voyage!


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