Day 9: On route from Kuala Lumpur to Indonesia

Day 9 was spent travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta / Indonesia. Not much of interest to report other than being stopped during the security check/x-ray of my carry-on luggage where the image of a knife showed up. Nobody panicked and I knew I didn’t have a knife but we couldn’t find anything. The bag was x-rayed three times and each time it showed up and the line of waiting passengers backing up behind me was growing and growing. Finally I looked at the envelope containing the pennant from the University of Malaya and low and behold there was the/a very thin ornamental ceremonial knife. My gift had been two gifts and I hadn’t seen the knife. Clearly it was innocuous as they let me carry it through. Needless to say however, in my next flight it was not in my hand luggage!


One thought on “Day 9: On route from Kuala Lumpur to Indonesia

  1. Steve Donohoe

    Hi Ross
    This is Steve Donohoe. I work in the School of Architecture, Design & Environment teaching on the Surveying and Construction Management courses. However, I spent 10 years working at Singapore Polytechnic prior to working at Plymouth U. Every morning before lectures began (which was 8.00a.m. by the way- don’t tell anybody high up at Plymouth Uni) I was treated to a cacophony of throat clearing accompanied by spitting, coughing, hacking and such like. Yes, even in squeaky clean Singapore where chewing gum is illegal but spitting it out is not!. It seemed disgusting to me as a Westerner (but one gets used to it). Strangely, the locals told me that the idea of blowing one’s nose on a hanky then putting the hanky back in one’s pocket was far most disgusting than anything they did but we were “Ang Moh” and it was only to be expected lah!
    Funny old world.


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