Blogs and censorship

Ok, I had a whole bunch of posts planned just prior to flying to China but when I got here I found that much of the internet is blocked/censored – including Word press! This is why regular posting has been somewhat lacking over the last four days.

I have just managed to regain access so I am hoping to post some more entries in the next two days and at least one tonight (May 13). If however they do not appear this will be down to site access being once again down (the proxy site I am using is temperamental)/prevented. To be fair this is the first real blip in a research exercise that had the potential to be foiled in numerous ways but has so far gone very well. Although this has been an inconvenience in research terms it is an issue of minimal concern. Fingers crossed!

I also do not seem to have access in Word press to my normal editing tools e.g. bold/italics or indeed the option to add images/video. I may have to re-edit the posts and add these once I get back to the UK.

For those interested in how some/many are affected by this in China see


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